Build a base of fans and followers to drastically reduce your customer acquisition cost.

What is Audience Farming

Audience Farming is the process of building up a group of loyal fans, followers, and connections. Providing you with benefits such as word-of-mouth referrals and allowing you to sell your products or services much more easily.

The ROI of audience farming compounds over time, often showing negative ROI at the start and gradually improving over time. Consistency is key here.

Let us be your farmers

Our team will help you build and grow an audience on social media, which you can then promote your products or services to.


Build up your fans and followers with zero effort. Simply set your budget and we will do all the heavy lifting.

Real audience

We ensure the quality of your audience, ensuring you are able to monetise them. No fake followers or bot traffic.

Budget friendly

Get started for as little as $200 per month.

Building an audience starts today

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