Press Release | September 3, 2020

Big Red Awesome Dodo launches Smart Ads for small and micro businesses

Smart Ads by Big Red Awesome Dodo helps small and micro businesses maximise their advertising spend by creating, running, and optimising digital ads on their behalf.

SINGAPORE — Digital presence is no longer an option, it is a necessity. When Covid-19 struck, most businesses were forced to shift their operations online. Larger organisations with already established digital presence or with deep pockets were naturally able to adapt and even thrive in such situations. Unfortunately, the situation for the vast majority of businesses isn’t as rosy.

According to a 2019 estimate by U.S Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, small businesses account for 99.9% of all businesses in the United States. Many of them lack the expertise and are not well equipped for the accelerated pace of digitalisation – some do not even have a website. As a result, these businesses see their survival threatened.

To help small and micro businesses, Big Red Awesome Dodo (BRAD) launched Smart Ads – a service that creates, runs, and optimises ads. Unlike most advertising agencies who serve companies with a sizeable marketing budget, BRAD seeks to provide affordable marketing solutions for small and micro businesses.

The survival of many small and micro businesses is threatened as they are not well equipped for the accelerated pace of digitalisation. BRAD aims to give these businesses a fighting chance with Smart Ads.

Jeremiah Goh, founder of BRAD said: “Marketing and advertising agencies have largely shunned smaller businesses in favor of clients with a sizable marketing budget as they are able to charge higher rates. This lack of accessibility poses a serious threat to the survivability of small businesses who simply could not afford the rates which agencies are asking for at a time when they need these digital services the most.”

He added: “It is a common misconception that you need deep pockets to run effective digital marketing, this is simply untrue. You can start running Facebook ads with as little as $10, but you need the expertise to run it effectively. So now you have a situation whereby small and micro businesses desperately need digital marketing not to grow, but just to survive, and then we have the agencies who aren’t willing to take them unless they can afford the asking price.”

“It is heartening to hear about businesses who are doing well pre-Covid struggle now simply because they lack a digital presence. Given the right support, I am sure that these businesses will do as well, if not better than before.”

Smart Ads will be available for businesses planning to invest as little USD$30 per day into advertising, and charges 10-20% of the advertising spend. It operates on a pay-per-campaign structure and users can dictate the length of each campaign, with the recommended length being 60-90 days to allow for optimisation.

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