Tools to get your business up and running

Most of the following tools have a free version. Save money on software here!

Table of Contents

Project Management

These tools help with managing your projects and team.

Yanado: Team Management for gmail.

Wrike: Project Management Tool.

Clickup: Another Project Management Tool.

Trello: One of the most popular project management tool for agile teams.

Jira: Similar to Trello.

Monday: Alternative project management tool.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration is crucial in any business. These tools makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with your team.

Micro: Whiteboarding and mapping tool.

Slack: Team communication tool.

Typetalk: Another team communication tool.

Microsoft Teams: Communication tool by Microsoft.

Accounting & Finance

Manage your invoices, receipts and finance with these tools.

Flowlu: Accounting, CRM, Project Management and more in a single platform.

Chartmogul: Billing platform for SaaS companies.

Invoiceto: Free invoice maker.

Invoicely: Invoicing platform.

Freshbooks: Invoicing software that saves you time.

Waveapp: Financial software designed for entrepreneurs.

Calendar & Appointment Setting

Schedule appointments easier with these tools.

Appointlet: Schedule your next meeting without the email ping pong.

Calendly: Similar to Appointlet.

Hubspot Meeting Tool: Another alternative appointment setting tool.

Freebusy: Automate meeting scheduling.


General tools to help you be more productive.

Grammarly: Grammar and spelling checker. To-do list.

Evernote: Note taking.

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation tools will help you save a ton of time in your sales and marketing.

AgileCRM: Marketing automation, telephony, everything you need to grow.

Flowlu: Accounting, CRM, Project Management and more in a single platform.

Hubspot CRM: One of the more popular CRM platforms.

Zoho CRM: Self-proclaimed world’s favorite customer relationship management software, there’s a free edition for you to use.

Engagebay: All-in-one Marketing, Sales, Support CRM.

MailChimp: Marketing automation platform. Send up to 10,000 emails per month free.

Crowdfire: Schedule content and manage all your social media in one place.

Zapier: Workflow automation tool.

Contentcal: Social media publishing and scheduling tool.


From web hosting to website optimisation, we’ve got a list of useful tools for you here.

Hellobar: Capture the email of your website visitors with Hellobar’s popup form.

Landbot: Add a chatbot to your website with this no-code chatbot builder.

Google Analytics: The most common website analytics tools. You can’t go wrong with Google Analytics.

Google Optimize: Did you know that Google has a tool that lets you run AB test on your website? 

Note: Web hosting providers aren’t free, but we’ve decided to include them in this list as we feel that

Namecheap: One of the more reliable web hosting provider.

Weebly: For ecommerce businesses, Weebly provides a simple way to start your website.

Ultra Web Hosting: Dubbed as faster than the competition, Ultra Web Hosting is cheaper compared to popular web hosting.


Save on Adobe with these free alternatives.

Inkscape: Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Gimp: Free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Pixlr: Cloud photo editing.

Openshot: Video editing tool.

Sales Enablement

Prospect faster and better, close more deals with these sales enablement tools.

Dux-Soup: Automate Linkedin prospecting.

Leadmine: Find your target customer and their email address. Claims to have 95% accuracy.

Findthatlead: Get all the emails you want.

Rocketreach: Another email prospecting tool.

Cloud Storage

It can get frustrating when your storage runs out of space, here’s a list of cloud storage providers so that your business will never run out of space .

Pcloud: 10gb of storage free.

Icedrive: 100gb of free storage.

Mediafire: 10gb free storage.

Legal documents can get really messy really fast, these tools and templates will help avoid that.

Signature Maker: Make your own e-signature free.

Docracy: Open source library of templates for all sorts of documents.

KISS: Debt and equity funding document templates.

Analytics & Cloud Computing

Drive your business with business analytics tools and develop solutions with cloud computing.

Powerbi: Business analytics tool.

Chart Studio by Plotly: Publish charts online.

Aws: The most popular cloud computing platform globally. Use their free tier services.

Human Resource

Simplify your human resource processes with these tools.

Freshteams: HR software by the Fresh team, free version available.

WebHR: Super affordable, modular HR software. Starting from just $2 per employee.