Free tools and resources

Library of mostly free tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs.


Project Management

Manage your projects and keep tabs on your team’s tasks with these tools.

Collaboration & Communication

Tools that makes communication and collaboration easier.

Accounting & Finance

Track and organise your organisation’s finances with these tools.


Tools that helps you with productivity.

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM Platforms and Marketing Automation tools that will make your life a whole lot easier.


From web hosting to conversion rate optimisation, we’ve got the tools for you here.

Design Tools

Save on Adobe with these free alternatives.

Sales Enablement

Prospect faster and better, close more deals with these sales enablement tools.

Cloud Storage

Store your files safely and securely on the cloud with these tools.

Legal Documents

Legal documents can get really messy really fast, these tools and templates will help avoid that.

Analytics & Cloud Computing

Drive your business with business analytics tools and develop solutions with cloud computing,


Tools to help you manage HR.

Over 50+ tools for every business function

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