Receive Grab vouchers worth up to $50 when you share your experience with us

Thank you for applying for the survey call, we will reach out to you to schedule a survey call if you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

The survey call will take place either over Zoom, Team, or Google Meets to your convenience.

The call should take no longer than 20-45 minutes.

This is an open ended survey to learn more about how managers work with marketing agencies in Singapore. We are interested in learning how brands work with agencies and potential pain points working with them.

We will issue the Grab voucher to you within 24 hours after your survey call. It will be sent via the Grab app.

Note that you’ll need to have a Grab account to receive the vouchers.

Our Grab vouchers ranges from $20-$50. At a minimum, you will get $20 worth for successfully completing a survey call. Qualified applicants will receive vouchers worth $50.

Big Red Awesome Dodo (BRAD) is a marketing technology company that provides affordable and effective marketing by leveraging technology and automation.

We are conducting a study to learn about relationship between brands and marketing agencies to further improve our products and services.