Grow your business by Talking C*

Talk C* boosts awareness and likability of your business by engaging with your audience on social media and linking the conversion back to your brand.

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    What is Talk C*

    Talk your way to business success.

    Talk C* is a service that helps you .

    How it works

    Talk C*’s workflow is structured to be effortless for you.

    1: Onboard

    Share access to your business profile and complete a quick onboarding questionnaire on your target audience and how to represent your brand.

    2: Wait

    Depending on your package, we will take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to Talk C* with your audience.

    3: Grow

    Watch as the increase in awareness and engagement grows your business!

    Platforms we handle



    • 100 Engagements Guaranteed
    • 1 Social Channel & Profile


    • 600 Engagements Guaranteed
    • Up to 4 Social Channels & Profiles

    Serving startups & small businesses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Talk C* is an engagement service that boosts awareness and likability of your business by engaging with your target audience on social media.

    We will literally talk c*** with people using your social media profile.

    There are two ways to grow your business on social media:

    1. By creating lots of high quality content that people love.
    2. By interacting and engaging with people.

    The issue with creating content is that it’s very costly and time consuming – a 5 minute video content could cost you anywhere from $1000-$3000 and take about 2-4 weeks to produce.

    The more affordable and less time intensive way is to constantly engage with people to boost your brand awareness and likability – this is what Talk C* does.

    All that’s required is access to the respective social media profile you want to activate Talk C* on. It’s that simple!

    We recommend that you curate your social media profile so that it looks decent to visitors and leaves a good impression.

    In Talk C*’s context, an engagement generally refers to a comment or reply by your business profile.

    That said, we ensure quality engagements – every engagement is tailored to the context and attempts to link the conversation back to your brand.

    We do not do spammy copy-paste comments! These are ineffective an will only hurt your brand image.

    Grow your business by Talking C* today!

    Simply fill in your details and we will reach out to you.