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Just call us BRAD

BRAD is a Marketing Technology company that seeks to make marketing affordable, simple, effective and accessible for all businesses. Our products and services leverage technology to help you achieve business success.

The current marketing solutions in the market faces a few problems: they are costly, their performance varies wildly, and they are not very scalable.

Thus, we’ve decided to address this problem by building solutions that are Affordable, Flexible, Simple, and Scalable. Everything we build are underpinned by these 4 core principles.

Our results speak for itself – BRAD has helped businesses grow over $1 million in revenue and reduce cost per conversion by over 85%, while costing up to 90% lesser than most marketing agencies or in-house marketers.

Starting with our inaugural product – Smart Ads, we aim towards a world where marketing departments are fully automated.

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"Marketing has become such a technical function, and the current solutions in the market aren't affordable or scalable. We want to change that."

At BRAD, we believe in developing the future today.

To do that, we are pioneering #ProjectBRAD – a flexible earn-as-you-learn-at-your-own-pace scheme for aspiring marketers.

Unlike regular internships, #ProjectBRAD scheme allows participants to learn and grow at their own pace. The scheme allows participants to receive the guidance of an internship, with the flexibility and money making opportunity of freelancing.

We believe that each individual learn and grow at their own pace. There is no one-size-fits-all program. Hence, #ProjectBRAD introduces that element of personalised pace to ensure that every participant is developed to their fullest.

Youth Development

#ProjectBRAD – Coming Soon…

Our Vision

BRAD seeks to help all small businesses and entrepreneurs get the tools, expertise and support they need.

We believe that skills, knowledge and technology should be made accessible and affordable for all businesses regardless of size, to create a fair economy and a level playing field for all businesses, and to drive innovation and progress in society.

Currently, smaller businesses are not able to afford or access top talents, technology, and infrastructure. The larger corporations that are able to afford these tend to hoard talents and silo information & technology. At BRAD, we are trying to change that.

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