Case Study

How EISOL boosted their conversions by over 770% while freeing up time

Deploying Smart Ads technology on Google Ads to drive more conversions.


Lower Cost Per Conversion


Higher Conversion Rate


Higher Click-Through Rate


EISOL is one of Singapore’s leading POS System vendor and cloud integrator. EISOL is Singapore’s country partner for various popular retail and hospitality solutions such as Vend, Eats365, Timely etc.


  • B2B
  • Google Ads


EISOL approached BRAD with a straightforward objective: Take over and optimise their ads, and drive more conversions. And we certainly didn’t disappoint! Using Smart Ads technology, BRAD was able to find areas of optimisation, lowering the cost per conversion by a whooping 81.85% and getting 775% more conversions compared to the previous month.

Find out how we did it, read on below!

The Problem: Lack of Time

The main challenge that the EISOL team were facing: they were busy, very busy.

EISOL was running Google Ads at the time, but the team didn’t have the bandwidth to constantly check, analyse and optimise the ads.

According the the team, they simply don’t have the time to learn how to run ads, design and write the ad copy, and explore the functions on the Google Ads platform.

This meant that they were leaving lots of opportunity on the table. And lots of room for improvement.

"This is a common situation amongst smaller businesses - they simply don't have the bandwidth to focus on customer acquisition. This is where Smart Ads helps: it automates customer acquisition so you can focus on other aspects of your business."
Jeremiah Goh

Making time, and improving results

The BRAD team immediately jumped into action, setting up the relevant campaigns, experiments, and punching those figures into our Smart Ads engine.

Initially starting with search ads, as it was expected to have the greatest potential for conversions.

We’ve identified a few key factors positively correlated with higher CTR and conversions. One such factor is the mention of “PSG grant”. 

One of the search ads created for EISOL

After a few round of optimisation, we started to see conversions picking up. And we had accumulated enough audience data to start retargeting ads.

We used Google Display Network (GDN) for the retargeting ads. As this allows us greater reach compared to search ads.

Using the learnings from Google search ads to craft the copy and creatives for GDN. This reinforces the key messaging most likely to entice the audience.

GDN ads

The Results

The results were an astounding success. The ads garnered over 180,000 impressions. The value proposition resonated better with the target audience, leading to an 180% improvement in CTR, 37.7% higher engagement rate, and 27x higher conversion rate. The traffic coming through were more qualified too, as demonstrated by a 17.74% lower bounce rate.

The overall impact is an 81.85% reduction in cost per conversion and a 775% increase in the number of conversions. At the same time, EISOL freed up countless hours which they could use to focus on other aspect of the business.

We attributed most of the success to the fact that Smart Ads was able to identify and optimise areas of wastage in EISOL’s campaign, the overall result was a more efficient campaign.

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