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How Pulse Patisserie scaled their DTC brand with a full funnel strategy

We reveal a multi-stage, omnichannel funnel strategy implemented to scale Pulse Patisserie.


Growth in Revenue


Increased Conversion Rate

About Pulse Patisserie

Pulse Patisserie is a contemporary pastry shop that uses classic and modern baking techniques to recreate and reinvent pastries.

With a strong philosophy of using only premium ingredients, Pulse produces only the finest cakes there is in Singapore.


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Pulse Patisserie wanted to scale their Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brand: BRAD implemented a multi-stage, omnichannel funnel strategy which allowed Pulse Patisserie a simple and straightforward way to scale their business. 

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The Problem: Looking to scale, unclear structure

Pulse Patisserie has a good brand built from years of delivering premium cakes & pastries to customers. And they are ready to scale their business.

An audit of their existing marketing efforts reveals an unclear structure (otherwise known as funnel). This means that it is difficult for them to analyse, evaluate and improve on any marketing efforts.

A lack of a marketing funnel is one of the most common problems amongst smaller businesses. This has downstream impact which will hamper their ability to scale. Some examples are not being able to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and being unclear on where along the customer journey is hampering sales.

"A lack of a marketing funnel is one of the most common problems amongst smaller businesses. This has downstream impact which will hamper their ability to scale."
Jeremiah Goh

Building a scalable multi-stage funnel strategy

The first thing to do, is building up a tailored funnel for Pulse. The BRAD team looked into the customer journey and marketing efforts, and designed a funnel specifically for Pulse Patisserie.

Broadly, the funnel is segmented into the following stages: Unaware, Recently Engaged, Non-Recently Engaged, Past Purchasers.

There are minor adaptations of the funnel for each channel. The primary method of new customer acquisition is via digital ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Every stage in the funnel serves a specific purpose to move customers to the point of purchase. For example, the objective in the Unaware stage is to reach consumers unaware of Pulse Patisserie and get them interested in their offering. While the objective in the Past-Purchasers stage is to get consumers to keep purchasing from Pulse.

The Engaged stage targets audiences whom engaged with Pulse brand but have yet to make a purchase. This is split into two types: recent and non-recent engagements.

In the Recently Engaged stage, audiences whom have recently engaged with Pulse brand are shown various pastries and cake designs to get them to consider purchasing from Pulse instead of competing brands.

In the Non-Recently Engaged stage, audiences whom have previously interacted with Pulse past a certain timeframe were occasionally exposed to Pulse Patisserie’s content to stay top-of-mind. The objective is to get them to remember the Pulse brand.

Different tactics were deployed for various stages of the funnel.

For example, in the Unaware stage, we carried out various testing on our ads to identify winning creatives, audiences, and placements.

For the Recently Engaged stage, we ran higher frequency ads to ensure that our audience noticed the Pulse brand. To prevent creative fatigue, we’ve included a higher rate of rotation and refresh of the creatives in this stage.

For Past-Purchasers, there are multiple ways of reaching them: via retargeted ads and weekly email newsletters highlighting new product variants.


The Results

Over the course of one year. Pulse Patisserie managed to increase their revenue by 50%. Associated metrics such as returning customer rate, average order value, and conversion rates increase accordingly too.

At the same time, total marketing spend barely increased. This is due to the improvement in efficiency from having a structured funnel.

Update: Pulse Patisserie hit another milestone! Read their latest case study here.

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