Case Study

How S2m Freight lowered their cost per conversion by almost 50% while bidding against major brands

Smart Ads technology helped to drive results while bidding against major brands such as DHL, FedEx, and qoo10.


Lower Cost Per Conversion


Higher Conversion Rate


Higher Click-Through Rate

About S2M Freight

With over a decade of expertise and experience, S2M Freight specialises in freight and cross-borders land trucking services between Singapore and Malaysia. They are recognised as a Promising SME 500, and are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company.


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  • Google Ads

S2M Freight is in a very competitive industry – They are competing against the likes of DHL, FedEx, qoo10, Ninja Van for business. By deploying Smart Ads technology on Google Ads, we were able to identify pockets of audience which these brands aren’t focused on reaching. Resulting in our impression share being over 30% higher than the the second highest impression share competitor. 

The end result is a 49.93% lower cost per conversion, 10x higher conversion rate, 220% higher CTR, and 489% more conversions.

Find out how we did it, read on below!

The Problem: Big Competitors, Small Margins

A major challenge in competing against big brands is their ability to bid higher and outspend their competitors in the advertising auction. This means that you too have to bid higher, which would reduce your margins. This is part of the big brand’s strategy, by “cornering the market”, they deter smaller players from competing against their business.

It is a frustrating situation, yet a very common one against startups and small businesses.

"Digital advertising typically operate on a reverse auction format - advertisers state the highest price they are willing to pay to have their ad shown, and platforms - Google, Facebook etc. will show the ad of the highest bidder."
Jeremiah Goh

Finding pockets of opportunities

When competing against giants, it’s best not to compete head on. The team at BRAD immediately jumped into action, setting up the relevant campaigns, experiments, and punching those figures into our Smart Ads framework.

To successfully compete, we have to identify markets which are relatively ignored by the bigger players, as these markets won’t saturated with their advertising dollars. We also have to position the value proposition very clearly.

With some dynamic testing, Smart Ads was able to identify the right audience and value proposition.

The Results

By reaching these “shunned” audience. We’ve managed to achieve an impression share 30% higher compared to the second highest impression share competitor. The value proposition resonated better with the target audience, leading to an 220% improvement in CTR and making it about 5x above the benchmark median CTR. Also, conversion rate improved by 10x.

We managed to achieve a 49.93% reduction in cost per conversion and a 498% increase in the number of conversions. All while bidding against the likes of DHL, FedEx etc.

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