What to do when an entry level job requires you to have 1-2 years of work experience?

Do you often encounter entry level jobs that require prior experience while job hunting? 

Say what?

Isn’t an entry level job a position meant for people with barely any experience in the profession? Technically, yes. However, employers love to streamline its hiring process by screening applicants with its job requirements. By stating the specific skills and knowledge they are looking for, it helps to filter and narrow down their candidate list. 

We know how easy it is to fall into a slump and feel unmotivated during a job search (trust us, we’ve been through the same process), so here are 3 tips on how to apply for an entry level job that requires experience.

Leverage on transferable skills (Try the 2-2-2 rule)

A transferable skill is an expertise you can use across a wide range of occupations and industries, and having them set you apart from other job seekers. This is especially essential for a fresh graduate or a professional looking to change career. Common transferable skills are communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills.

Once you have your own list of transferable skills, remember to articulate them to your future employers. If you plan on including your transferable skills on your resume, cover letter and in interview, don’t overkill it! 

We suggest you try out our 2-2-2 rule!


Select 2 most important transferable skills for your resume. Consider highlighting these skills through your accomplishments instead of plainly listing them down. This helps employers understand how you deliver results using certain skills.


Select 2 transferable skills that match job description for cover letter. This shows the employer you are the right candidate for the job!


Select 2 transferable skills that are relevant to the interview questions asked. Once again, showing employers how you use these skills to attain a goal.

Of course, this is just a guideline, it is definitely OK to display more than 2 transferable skills. Leverage on valuable qualities you have acquired to get ahead of competition in the job market!

Psst: you can also identify transferable skills that need improvement – a great career development project for yourself!

Add any relevant experience (Even if it’s not work-related)

What if I’m a recent graduate and don’t have any real-world experience? 

Fret not! You can use any projects you have completed while studying. Let’s go back to Point 1 and engrave ‘transferable skills’ in our heads! As long as you have the relevant transferable skills, don’t be afraid to list that experience down.

‘I have included projects, and even extracurricular activities, but I am still not getting any callbacks.’ 

This is an indication that the position you are applying for is highly competitive. You are competing against applicants with relevant experience. Time for you to get an internship or start a side project to gain work experience.

Getting an internship or freelance work isn’t as easy as it seems, moreover a reasonable-paid one. Fortunately, there are platforms like BRAD that can help you acquire the necessary expertise with real time learning while getting paid based on the work you do!

BRAD creates a two-sided platform that aims to serve the interest of talent prospects and organisations. By engaging with our service, prospects and organisations are creating and exchanging values that benefit each other. 

What does this mean? As a prospect, you get to fine-tune and showcase your expertise by being involved in real-time projects. For organisations, you are supporting the training of young professionals while getting quality work delivered to you at an affordable price. Win-win!

Learn to love networking (No friends, no problem)

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘if you want to succeed in your career, you need to spend time networking’? Well, if you haven’t, you are hearing it from us here. The same principle applies when it comes to applying for a job.

Having an extensive network, particularly in the field you are interested in, increases the chance of you getting an interview when you apply to a position using employee referrals. However, what are the chances of meeting someone at the company you want to work in and getting them to vouch for you?

This is when BRAD and similar destinations step in to help job seekers gain exposure to enterprises. With BRAD’s two-sided platform, you are exposed to various projects put out by different organisations. 


Don’t ever be afraid to apply for a position if you believe you’re a good fit. You will be surprised that companies will choose candidates with no prior experience but have qualities and abilities to complement their needs. Good luck!